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Article: Benefits of wearing a girdle after cosmetic surgery

beneficios de usar faja

Benefits of wearing a girdle after cosmetic surgery

Undergoing cosmetic surgery allows you to improve physical features to give them a better appearance, which can increase the self-esteem and confidence of those who decide to have a surgical intervention. But it is not enough to undergo surgery, since much of the success of the results depends on the recovery period. One of the indications for care is to wear compression garments, so here we will tell you the benefits of wearing a girdle during the postoperative period. Always remember to follow your doctor's instructions and by using your girdle you will be able to obtain the following advantages:

1. Facilitates the reduction of pain and inflammation

After cosmetic surgery, it is common to experience swelling and pain. The post-surgical girdle helps reduce them, as it exerts pressure on the affected area, which allows inflammation to decrease and promotes blood circulation.

2. Keeps skin firm

When the skin is operated on, it can lose its elasticity and firmness. One of the advantages of wearing a girdle is that it offers ideal compression, recommended by the doctor, which allows the skin to remain firm and elastic, since it exerts constant pressure on the operated area, which stretches the skin and prevents sagging. .

3. Promotes healing

Another benefit of wearing a girdle after cosmetic surgery is that it improves skin healing, as it keeps the operated area compressed and protected. Additionally, having the skin stretched with the belt prevents the formation of keloids, which are raised scars that can appear as a result of excessive scarring. Our garments come with components in their fabric, such as vitamin E, cosmacol and seaweed, which help with better healing, as they hydrate and repair the skin.

4. Helps improve posture

Post-surgery girdles can also help improve posture, as their compression keeps the spine in a correct position. Likewise, by reducing pain and inflammation, the belt allows the patient to sit and stand up more easily, which can improve posture in the long term by supporting the body from recovery.

5. Take care of mobility

After cosmetic surgery it is very important to avoid any sudden movements that could compromise recovery. The post-operative belt is ideal for reducing friction and movement in the affected area, allowing greater mobility without compromising recovery or well-being.

The benefits of wearing a compression girdle after cosmetic surgery are many, which is why it is an essential tool in the recovery stage to obtain successful results. However, it is key that before purchasing a post-surgical girdle you consult with the health professional who will be in charge of your procedure. He will tell you what the characteristics of the ideal girdle should be for your surgery and will give you some recommendations to ensure that you use it safely and effectively.

Once you are approved, remember that we have a wide line of post-surgery girdles that are designed to provide you with comfort and all the benefits you need for a successful recovery. Likewise, we offer you accessories for after procedures that will make your recovery easier.

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