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Article: How long should you wear a girdle after surgery?

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How long should you wear a girdle after surgery?

Those who have ever undergone surgery, especially abdominal or cosmetic surgery, have probably heard of the postoperative girdle . This compression garment has long been the best friend of patients and doctors, thanks to the various benefits it offers for the recovery process. The common question is how long to wear the girdle after surgery . Stay and read the blog to clear up that doubt.

Post-surgical girdles , beyond an aesthetic purpose, play a fundamental role in the recovery and general well-being of the patient. Its main function is to help control swelling and pain, as well as keep the skin and muscles in place for better healing and, in some cases, prevent the formation of seromas or hematomas.

Despite its benefits, it is key that you know how long to wear the post-operative girdle , as it is not something that should be taken lightly. The girdle must be used correctly and for the appropriate amount of time to avoid possible complications. Although here we will tell you some average times, keep in mind that your surgery may have special characteristics, so it is always recommended to follow the doctor's instructions to the letter.

The standard time of wearing a belt after surgery

Generally speaking, most doctors advise that patients wear post-surgery binders continuously for the first two to four weeks of recovery, depending on the type of procedure. This means that during this time, the girdle should be worn day and night, only removing it to shower.

For this reason, the ideal is to purchase more than one girdle for after surgery , since they must be washed frequently to prevent poor hygiene of the garment from generating skin alterations such as irritation or rashes, since the girdle will be in contact with skin and sweat.

The purpose of the recovery period is to allow the swelling to go down and the tissues to settle into their new position. Wearing a girdle after surgery also helps keep the skin adjusted to the new body contour and prevent excessive movement that could interfere with healing.

Variations depending on the surgery and the patient

Although the period of two to four weeks is a general rule, the reality is that each patient and each type of surgery is unique. In cosmetic surgeries such as liposuction, the use of post-surgical girdles could extend up to eight weeks or more. While in abdominal surgeries, such as cesarean section or hysterectomy, it could be a little less.

In addition, it must be taken into account that each patient's tolerance to the girdle is different. Some people may find the girdle to be uncomfortable and restrictive, while others may find that it provides a level of support and comfort that aids in their recovery. There are first stage girdles that are low compression. Therefore, it is essential that before purchasing your girdle after surgery, you consult with your doctor what type of compression the garment you need should have and what type of closure is ideal for your intervention.

In summary, knowing exactly how long to wear the post-operative belt will vary depending on your surgery and your individual circumstances. Although there are general recommendations, the most important thing is to always follow your doctor's instructions. If you have concerns or questions, ask without hesitation. After all, your health and recovery are the most important thing.

At Forma Tu Cuerpo we have girdles for after liposuction surgery , abdominoplasty, BBL, breast augmentation, among other interventions. Be sure to ask your surgeon what features your girdle should have and you will find it here. Remember that girdles are key elements for your recovery, that is why we offer you Colombian girdles of the highest quality, with exclusive fabrics that contain natural ingredients, such as vitamin E, ginkgo biloba and cosmacol to care for and protect your skin.

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