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Article: The best girdles for men

fajas de compresion para hombres

The best girdles for men

Men also have a space in this world of girdles. There are multiple options for men's shapewear that provide great benefits to your body, shaping and styling.

Although it may sound strange to some, men also wear girdles, these girdles for men are accessories that are normally placed at waist level in an enveloping manner, there are also complete girdles for men, all of these are used to give greater support to the area. lumbar, buttocks and legs, in addition to reducing abdominal fat and maintaining a good appearance.

What type of men's girdles exist?

There are 3 types of girdles: - Belt style girdles that cover only the abdominal area and are the best for shaping this, giving support to the lumbar area and making the abdomen look less bulging. - The vest type that come without sleeves and compress the abdomen, chest and back. - T-shirt styles that come with or without sleeves and are ideal for compressing the torso, shoulder area and arms, and also provide excellent support for the back.

Within this infinite number of styles of girdles, there are many designs, but we want to tell you which are the best Colombian girdles for men and some of their characteristics:

Full girdle

This bodysuit or full body girdle is a garment that covers practically the entire body, giving greater control and shaping the figure in the area of ​​the legs, hips, arms, buttocks and abdomen. Being full-length, these girdles go completely unnoticed under clothing. These girdles are also recommended for post-surgical use depending on the doctor's instructions.

Shirt sash

This T-shirt style girdle is dedicated to the upper area of ​​the body, compressing the abdomen with its double fabric for this area, in addition to the arms and waist. Additionally, this belt, by compressing your entire trunk, will help improve your posture and, consequently, all lumbar or dorsal pain. These girdles have powernet and cold lycra, that is, they have double fabric.

Girdle vest

The vest girdle, compared to the shirt girdle, does not have sleeves but provides similar benefits to the previous one, since it compresses your waist and hips. It is also an excellent company for those men who attend the gym. This girdle also helps to correct your posture and its fabric does not show on your clothes since it is an invisible lycra.

Men's boxer girdle

This is a product focused entirely on that area that men also want to highlight, which are the buttocks, this is its only function.

What are the advantages of men's shapewear?

There are multiple advantages and reasons why men resort to a girdle, whether for personal or aesthetic reasons, here we tell you what the advantages of using girdles for men are:

  • They stylize the figure: one of the main reasons why a person looks for a girdle is to look better and feel comfortable with their figure, since a girdle used properly always stylizes the figure. For this, it is always recommended that it be used constantly and accompanied by a good diet and an adequate exercise routine. Additionally, shapewear is very difficult to see under clothing, which is why people turn to shapewear as the first option to stylize their body.

  • Helps post-surgical recovery: Since their materials are of high quality, post-surgical girdles compress the skin to the muscle in surgeries such as lipomarking, lipotransfers and abdominoplasty, so the patient will not feel any discomfort.

  • Helps in training: girdles provide support in parts of the body that are fragile such as the waist, this allows training to be safer when performing the movements of each exercise.
  • They improve posture: this benefit is often not highlighted but it is undoubtedly very important, since due to the compression it performs on the trunk, the girdle can substantially improve posture for a long time.

  • They help with lower back pain: consequently, by improving posture, lower back or back pain is significantly reduced because the body is in the naturally correct position.

We hope we have helped you a little so that when choosing that ideal girdle, you have the perfect prototype for your goals and needs. Remember that men are also part of this infinite world of girdles and that they also have the right to feel safe and slim.

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