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Article: Our new Colombian fajas store in DUBAI!

tienda de fajas colombianas

Our new Colombian fajas store in DUBAI!

For Forma Tu Cuerpo it is gratifying to be able to announce that thanks to constant growth in recent years, our Colombian girdle store will have a presence in one of the cities with the most economic power in the world.

Our brand dedicated to shapewear and control garments finally officially presents its new store in the city of Dubai . This is due to the hard work carried out in recent years and the great presentation in terms of results in the participation that took place at Expo Dubai.

Thanks to these excellent results, our brand manages to position itself permanently in this area of ​​​​the Middle East and consequently a significant investment of almost 200,000 dollars was made, which also means having great future projections in mind for the brand worldwide.

For us it is an honor to show this achievement with the words of our president Rocío Vega who states that for Forma Tu Cuerpo it is a pleasure to announce that, thanks to our participation in Expo Dubai, which we attended with the help of ProColombia, we have opened to our affiliate Shape Your Body Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

He also added that with this new Colombian girdle store, our company's market in the United Arab Emirates will be able to show our Colombian garments and girdles , demonstrating worldwide that the national product has an important leadership in this market and industry.

It is also worth mentioning that our Colombian garments and girdles have grown to the point of having an important positioning worldwide, this is because we have innovated in quality and technological processes to provide greater benefits in the garments. In addition to this, the opening of this new subsidiary also shows that within this sector there is also growth in the reactivation of the market and for this reason the Forma Tu Body team seeks to continue seeking opportunities in international markets, in this way We also help national growth thanks to the generation of new jobs and jobs with our brand.

In order for this new Colombian girdle store to position itself in the shortest possible time, at Forma Tu Cuerpo we seek to export nearly 1,000 control garments in the coming days to the Arab Emirates and with this consistency, be able to close 2022 with more than 10,000 garments for that are located in the Dubai city branch.

As mentioned above, with the manufacturing of these garments for export to Dubai, in our internationalization process the company is able to generate more than 200 new jobs in the city of Bogotá, especially for women heads of household in the city. .

To understand a little more about the growth of the brand and the opportunity to internationalize, it is important to mention some data that has become evident in this market since during the year 2021, the exports of girdles in our country grew by 86 % compared to 2020, which was affected by the pause due to the pandemic.

These figures allow us to analyze this economic sector and which are the main countries that were destined for the girdles and control garments manufactured in Colombia. To understand the opening of our new store, it is worth mentioning that the United Arab Emirates is in 18th place in terms of countries that buy this type of clothing with a total of 178,000 dollars during the year 2021, this figure motivates us to grow our new Colombian girdle store abroad.

Without a doubt, it is a great step for Forma tu Cuerpo and for this economic sector in Colombia. Stay informed on our website to learn more about our new Colombian girdle store in Dubai and in the next few days we will let you know the location of our new subsidiary, you can visit us on the exclusive website for Dubai

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