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Article: What procedures require girdles after surgery?


What procedures require girdles after surgery?

Recovery after a surgical procedure is a process that goes beyond simply waiting for time to pass. Depending on the surgery, certain instruments and accessories may be vital to ensuring a successful recovery and optimal results. That's why doctors recommend wearing girdles after surgery , specifically post-surgical girdles .

While these garments may seem similar to the shapewear that many people wear in everyday life, they actually serve very specific purposes after certain operations. But in what procedures are girdles necessary after surgery ? Join us on this blog and find out the essentials of these garments in recovery and care.

Surgical procedures, especially those that involve cosmetic changes or alterations to large areas of the body, may require additional support during the recovery phase. This is where postoperative binders play a crucial role.

Why are postoperative girdles recommended?

Girdles after surgery are essential because they help in several aspects:

1. Reduction of swelling and bruising

They provide uniform compression, helping to reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

2. Support for the new way

After certain cosmetic surgeries, the girdle helps maintain the new shape while the body adapts.

3. Comfort and protection

The girdles protect the operated areas from rubbing and sudden movements that could cause discomfort or interfere with the healing process.

Procedures that usually require postoperative belts

Although you should always follow your surgeon's instructions, these are some of the procedures that commonly recommend the use of a post-surgery girdle during recovery time:

  • Liposuction

Following the removal of fat from specific areas, the girdle helps reduce swelling and ensures that the skin properly adapts to its new shape.

  • Abdominoplasty

After this procedure, where excess skin is removed and abdominal muscles are tightened, post-surgical girdles offer support and help keep everything in place during recovery.

  • Augmentation or reduction mammoplasty

Bra bands or compression bands are often helpful in minimizing swelling and supporting the breasts as they heal.

  • Buttock surgery or BBL

For those who opt for a buttock lift or augmentation, post-surgery girdles ensure that the implants or treated areas maintain their desired shape and position.

Tips when choosing and using postoperative girdles

Not all girdles are the same. At Forma Tu Cuerpo we have post-surgical girdles for each type of plastic or aesthetic surgery. It is essential to select one designed specifically for the procedure performed and ensure that it offers the correct level of compression, which will be indicated by the doctor in charge. Additionally, always follow your health care professional's recommendations on how long and how often you should wear the belt, as this will help you have optimal recovery.

Postoperative girdles as allies in recovery

Using girdles after surgery goes beyond being a mere accessory; These garments are essential tools that facilitate a faster, more comfortable and effective recovery. Always consult with your surgeon about the best option for your case and be sure to follow all instructions to guarantee the best possible results.

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