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Article: How to use the hourglass girdle?

驴C贸mo usar la faja reloj de arena?

How to use the hourglass girdle?

Hello everyone!
I hope everyone is having a great time!
I will tell you a little about how to use the hourglass girdle? Here I tell you, read everything!

I was out with my family last weekend, resting a little. We walked a little through the streets of the city, we saw shop windows and what is becoming fashionable for the upcoming New Year's Eve season.
I don't know about you, but I've always thought it was a fabulous plan to go out somewhere in the city, be able to eat at a table in an open-air lot and talk relaxedly about our plans, what happened to us during the week, joke around. and have a good time, especially if there is sun. It seems like a wonderful and life-giving plan to me!
While we looked at the people walking through the city I could see how the trend has been marked in women to show off an hourglass body type. In reality, we Latinas have always liked to show off this figure, but I see that in the USA it is becoming more and more important to show off a small waist with big hips. I have always been very curious and I was once investigating how fashion trends have also guided the shape of the female body. It's funny, but the ideal woman's body has not always been and will not always be the same.
birth of venus
The Birth of Venus (Boticelli)
In ancient times, very thick bodies and bulging bellies, as we see them in some ancient paintings, were well regarded. But this changed many centuries ago. At some point in women's history, the corset appeared, which became indispensable in the 15th century, then fell into disuse and in the 19th century, with the industrial revolution, its use became massive, making it unthinkable for a woman not to wear it. would use. The objective of using the corset was always to stylize the figure and whenever I think about the corset I remember the actresses in movies in which those beautiful corset dresses are recreated, such as Vivien Leigh in 'Gone with the Wind, ' L茅a Seydoux in 'Beauty and the Beast' or Emmy Rossum in 'The Phantom of the Opera '
What are hourglass girdles?
Emmy Rossum in 'The Phantom of the Opera'

For the women of the eras represented in these films, having that ideal hourglass body was very sacrificial, since the clothes they wore were very uncomfortable. The ancient corset or corset was made of rigid materials, and iron or wooden rods were used for its frame. They couldn't wear it directly on the skin, but had to wear a soft cotton undershirt, and it wasn't easy to close, so they had to ask for help to adjust it as much as they wanted. Of course, they achieved an ideal silhouette.
Going back to today, the hourglass figure has become fashionable on red carpets. Celebrities with hourglass bodies are a sensation and make curvy bodies fashionable again. The good thing is that we no longer have to wear such uncomfortable clothes to have this desired figure. Nowadays there are many ways to achieve this, there are specialized exercise routines, diets, massages, cosmetic surgeries such as the popular 360 surgery, in which they perform abdominoplasty and fat transfer to the buttocks and girdles to achieve the hourglass figure. ; a silhouette with a very small waist and large hips and buttocks.

What is an hourglass girdle?

An hourglass type girdle is one that has high compression in the abdomen area, it can be a waistband or a complete hourglass girdle that has a special design in the gluteal area, a short or you can combine the use of a short with a waistband at the same time.

What is an hourglass girdle used for?

The hourglass girdle is used to achieve the hourglass body type, it will shape your waist and your buttock.

Are there hourglass shapewear for chubby women?

Yes, of course, one of the beautiful things about this type of silhouette is that it is not exclusive to thin women, there are hourglass shapewear for chubby women or women with a belly and in fact the voluptuous figure, large legs and buttocks are advantages When it comes to wanting to have an hourglass-shaped body, women with this body type will not have to work as hard doing weight exercises to get big hips and buttocks. They are favored by nature in this sense.

How many types of hourglass girdles are there?

To achieve the hourglass silhouette Forma Tu Cuerpo has several references, within these references we have hourglass waistbands, full girdles, girdles with sleeves or thin strip hourglass girdles. The important thing is that the girdle has high compression in the abdomen area and that it is for a large buttock, which helps shape that area. The girdles that I highly recommend are the O-225 and O-025 , they have a special design that helps raise the gluteus, they have a high level of compression and they have sleeves, which also control the arms and back, which is why for me These girdle references seem ideal to me and I highly recommend them both for a postoperative process and for a process based on diet and exercise. We also have our C-045 shores that look great if you combine them with an S-006 waistband.

Waistband S-006

hourglass waistbands
References O-225 and O-025
What is an hourglass girdle?

When to use an hourglass shapewear?

You can start using the hourglass girdle at any time, but it is ideal if you start an exercise and diet program to achieve this silhouette. Shape Your Body has several references of hourglass girdles that work for any woman and will help you shape your body in moments of rest, telling your body the shape it should take, taking the fat from your hips to the area of 鈥嬧媦our gluteus, and modeling your waist. It is also essential that you use it if you undergo surgery to achieve your goal.

What is the price of an hourglass girdle?

This is a very frequently asked question. The prices of Forma Tu Body hourglass girdles vary depending on the reference you choose, but something you should know is that Forma Tu Cuerpo offers you the best hourglass girdles, high compression materials, and everything in our processes is guaranteed, so don't worry about the price. The most important thing is that you have the best hourglass girdle.
The hourglass body is a harmonious body and a classic silhouette that returns large hips, and a small waist, a body with this silhouette represents good health and a free femininity that expresses itself without feeling ashamed of its curves. It is a silhouette that does not exclude large women and on the contrary, enhances the beauty of plus size women. I tell you that that was one of the reflections that we concluded with my family at the end on that walk. In this era women are much freer to see themselves as they want and as they are! Let's celebrate that!
Dew <3

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