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Article: What size postpartum girdle can I use?

¿Qué talla de faja post parto puedo usar?

What size postpartum girdle can I use?

Hello hello!

The other day in a conversation with friends over tea, one of them asked me what type of postpartum girdle is the best. I told him first that the Colombian postpartum girdles are obviously the ones that I recommend, and it is not because I have a company called Forma Tu Cuerpo, it is because in terms of quality they are the best because they have the highest quality technology and these smart garments are They adapt to all types of bodies since they come in styles such as bodysuit, body short and several other options. Additionally, some of these postpartum girdles have cannabis and spirulina capsules that are perfect for recovery after surgery.

But what can we say about postpartum girdles, which are recuperative, they help you little by little to restore your figure, I say this with knowledge of the facts since as a result of my 3 pregnancies the idea of ​​forming a girdle company was born.

To begin, first these types of girdles help your internal organs and muscles recover their usual location, just like the abdomen. It also helps to correct posture since as a result of breastfeeding you may have lost straightness in your spine.

I also tell you that if your birth was natural, you can use Shape Your Body girdles from the first day, but if it was by cesarean section it is better that you talk to your gynecologist and follow the recommendations to the letter.

Regarding sizes, the first thing I must tell you is that under no circumstances should you use corset-type girdles, since as you know after childbirth our goal is to regenerate tissues. The postpartum girdle is used day and night , forget about using girdles for aesthetic purposes, that is for three months after you have used it, the recommended postpartum girdles are the band ones, but not the ones that cause sweating but the special ones for after childbirth . To start, it is advisable to use them for 2 to 3 hours a day and little by little increase the intensity. I would recommend using the microfiber ones. Fortunately, to choose your girdle well, we have a size guide depending on your waist measurement. The only thing you have to do is take a tape measure and choose if we want tight, very tight or not very tight compression.

What size should I use?

Many people ask me: what sizes of postpartum girdle should I use? You must know your bone structure and the type of body you had before pregnancy, so yes you can, it is better to acquire it before the intervention, recommending a size directly is very subjective, since you reader, I do not know your body directly . You must choose between sizes such as 2XS, of the measurement is at the waist.

Importance of postpartum girdles

  1. Post-surgical girdles are essential in the recovery process of mothers after their births, since they prevent the appearance of seroma, which is a liquid that appears in the area where the cesarean section was performed.
  2. It helps women emotionally and mentally gain confidence because as is well known, some mothers can suffer from depression after giving birth.
  3. After childbirth, it is natural for the uterus to increase in size, which is why Forma Tu Cuerpo girdles are the most comfortable to achieve that goal.
  4. After a few months you will be able to enjoy a stylized and beautiful figure as you had just before giving birth.

Well, as last recommendations, girls, I tell you that the most important thing is your well-being. In Shape Your Body and I say this with authority, I recommend the postpartum mid-leg girdle with a wide gold line strap, the knee girdle with sleeves and the knee girdle with central badge sleeves . But something that our brand offers is that all girdles are breast-free since the idea is that you have the best comfort when giving milk to your baby.

I hope very soon that you will use our Shape Your Body postpartum girdles not because you buy from us but also because you will have the great joy of becoming mothers very soon.

It is not more, but neither is it less. We continue reading in this space that is yours.

A hug!

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