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Article: Know the benefits of using the abdominal plank

beneficios de usar la tabla abdominal

Know the benefits of using the abdominal plank

After a cosmetic surgical procedure or childbirth, it is recommended to use a girdle, due to the benefits of compression to help you recover much better. However, the girdles are not the only ones useful in this process; Abdominal boards are perfect to complement the use of a girdle, since they enhance their effects and offer other advantages. These are the main benefits of using the abdominal plank :

1. Flattens the abdomen

One of the best-known benefits of abdominal boards is that they help flatten both the lower and upper belly, thanks to the compression they offer.

2. Prevents fluid retention

Another quality of this device is that it promotes the drainage of liquids after a surgical intervention, preventing them from being retained and causing further inflammation in the skin.

3. Adheres the skin

The abdominal plank works to adhere the skin to the muscle, either after surgery in the abdominal area or after childbirth, which stretches the skin and makes it saggy. Daily use of the board together with a post-surgical girdle or a postpartum girdle favors and speeds up the recovery of the figure.

4. Prevents the appearance of folds

After an aesthetic procedure in the operating room, a girdle should be worn for several weeks, since this garment is very useful in recovery. However, as you must wear it for many hours and rest, prolonged use at that stage can cause skin folds. Placing a board for an abdominal binder prevents the appearance of these marks, as it keeps the area flat and controlled.

Recommendations for using abdominal tables and getting the most out of them

A device like the abdominal plank works as long as it is used correctly. Therefore, we leave you these recommendations that will be very useful when it comes to getting the most out of your abdominal board .

1. Use it for the indicated time

General use of abdominal boards is 1 to 3 months, 24 hours a day. However, your surgeon will be the one to tell you the exact amount of time you should wear them. So you must follow their recommendations, which will be according to the procedure you undergo.

2. Always accompanied by a girdle

These types of boards do not stand alone nor fulfill their functions without the compression exerted by a strap. This is why they are a complement, since their use must accompany that of a girdle to obtain the benefits of both and facilitate recovery for better results.

3. Do not use with waistbands

Now, compression garments must cover both the lower abdomen and the waist, which is why it is not recommended to accompany the board with waistbands or vests, because they only cover the upper part of the body. Instead, you can choose a more complete one like the tummy tuck girdle , which provides the necessary compression and perfectly covers the splint.

4. Take care of hygiene

When using an abdominal belt board, it is essential to keep it in hygienic conditions to avoid damage. You should have at least two boards, so that you can use one while washing the other, since spending so much time in contact with your skin and sweating can generate bacteria, irritation and other problems in your body. Wash them frequently, by hand, and let them dry in the shade. This way they will not be damaged and you can use them without fear of alterations.

It is worth reminding you that these are general recommendations, but you should always follow the specific instructions of the doctor or professional who recommended the accessory. Check carefully the specifications required by the board and the areas it must cover, since there are two types: we have the abdominal board , which is only located on the abdomen, and the abdominal board that has wings on the sides to collect the parts of the sides.

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