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Article: Types of girdles ideal for your body shape

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Types of girdles ideal for your body shape

We know that we all have different bodies and characteristics that make us unique, which has a lot to do with the genetics that define our physical traits. To highlight our attributes it is important to identify what body shape we have, so that we can choose appropriate clothing. When shaping the figure to look more beautiful, we must take into account the types of girdles , since these are designed to shape according to the natural figure we have.

Women's body shapes

body types

So that you can better identify which of the body types is yours, we will tell you the characteristics of each one. This way you can define what shape you have and it will be easier to find your ideal girdle.


The hourglass-shaped body is characterized by having similar measurements in the shoulders and hips, a small and marked waist, and stylized legs. In addition, the curves stand out and they usually have large buttocks.

inverted triangle

For its part, the inverted triangle body has the hips smaller than the shoulders and the waist is not very marked. The legs tend to be narrower and the chest stands out.

Apple or round

The round or apple body shape is characterized by accumulating fat in the abdomen, having rounded shoulders, a wide waist, somewhat narrow hips, and thin arms and legs.


Another body type is rectangular; This has straight figure proportions, without a marked waist and the hips and breasts are usually small.

Pear or triangle

The pear or triangle body type has small shoulders and breasts, a defined waist and wider hips. Fat tends to accumulate in this last area and in the upper part of the thighs, which makes the legs look larger and has large buttocks.

Choose the perfect girdle for you

Once you have identified the shape you have, we can tell you how to shape your body with a compression garment that stylizes your body and highlights your attributes. If you have also wondered what clothes to wear according to your body because you are afraid to wear what you would like for fear of your fat being seen, you should know that our shapewear shapes your body very well and hides that skin so that you look and feel beautiful.

Waist girdles

Our waist trainers are perfect for any body type, as they mark the waist to make it look smaller while controlling the abdomen. They also help support the back and improve posture. If you have an hourglass or pear-shaped body, our new Luxury Queen hourglass collection is ideal for you, as it is designed to highlight your attributes and make you look like a queen.

invisible girdles

Invisible girdles are ideal for rectangular, apple and inverted triangle bodies, because these types of girdles offer tummy control, reduce the waist and enhance the buttocks, which will make you look with a stylized figure and will not be noticeable on your clothes. that you are wearing a compression garment.

Girdles with sleeves

Shapewear with sleeves works best on pear and hourglass shapes, because they highlight the curves that characterize these body types and shape them in general, hiding the fat and further accentuating that small waist that makes these bodies enviable.

Strapless mid-leg shapewear

A strapless girdle is what you need if you are wondering how to shape a rectangular, apple or inverted triangle body , because in addition to reducing the waist and controlling the abdomen, they mark the hips a little and lift the butt. Likewise, it can enhance the bust a little, since it ends at the bottom of the bust.

Now that you know what types of shapewear are best for you depending on your body shape, do not hesitate to wear the one that best suits you and put on that dress or clothing you want without fear. Show off a molded figure and highlight your attributes with our shapewear so you feel and look more beautiful.

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