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Article: Know the benefits of the waist girdle

beneficios de la faja cinturilla

Know the benefits of the waist girdle


How have you been? Today I want to tell you the benefits of the waist trainer , welcome!

Shapewear as we know it today has been around for a long time. The Corset, made of completely metallic material, already existed since the times of the Mycenaean and Cretan civilizations between the years 2,770 and 1,100 BC, at that time the woman who used it provided her with status and elegance. Look, from that time on we were already vain.

That is why over the years, this garment that is so popular for us has evolved for our comfort and need. The Forma Tu Body waist girdle is ideal for the modern woman who only thinks about looking beautiful like you. It doesn't matter if you have just given birth, if you are resuming your exercise routine, or if you are just an office woman and housewife, it is never too late to have the body you want.

The function of waist girdles is to correct posture and reduce waist measurements. They are made of cotton and thermal latex. Latex is a material that, when in contact with the skin, causes sweating and fluid loss. In Shape Your Body our waist trainers are ideal for the athletic woman, as they heat abdominal fat by activating the thermal materials while you perform your favorite exercises. But also just by using it during the day without doing any physical activity, you can lose fluids through sweating since it acts as a chamber that produces sweat. You must choose the correct exercise for you, since you will feel a little pressure and it is not about demanding more from our body.

Every woman is different, that's why at Forma Tu Cuerpo we have the best shapewear depending on the control area you want to highlight, whether it's the waist, abdomen, bust, back, legs, or if you want to lift your buttocks. The waist girdles are designed according to the style that you like the most; Wasp waist girdles, vest girdles, Shape Your Body Jacket girdles, in different colors such as black and beige.

But we also understand that each moment of your life is unique, and each body is special, that is why each style of girdles is made and designed with you and your needs in mind, taking into account whether it is for daily use, post-partum, post-surgical. , sports, for parties, bridal and maternal. We also offer you our line of jeans to shape your curves.

We have knee girdles with wide straps, half-leg, with sleeves, butt lifts, cheeky, strapless and even maternity girdles taking into account the months of gestation.

But don't worry men, here at Forma Tu Cuerpo we never forget you, so we have a variety of options for you among which are: the boxer girdle that lifts buttocks, the invisible shirt to go unnoticed, the vest-style girdle, the wasp waist girdle and the full body diving girdle with closure in the center.

Remember, although it may sound repetitive, take good care of your girdles, since they are made of Powernet, latex and lycra. The Powernet made of luxury material with a mixture of polyamide and elastane has the ability to mold and adjust to all body types, without a doubt at the top of the best girdles in terms of material. It is not recommended to use the girdle for more than 8 times a day and if you want to use it after any surgical intervention you should ask your health professional.

Remember, it is never too late to pamper your body and shape it. Identify your favorite girdle and the one that best suits your needs, at Forma Tu Cuerpo we have the best for you.

Kisses and we continue reading!

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