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Article: The best post-surgical Colombian girdles

Las mejores fajas colombianas post quirúrgicas

The best post-surgical Colombian girdles


How have women been?

Many people believe that the origin of girdles dates back to the simple function of making us feel beautiful and stylized, from the time of Greek women in Crete and Mycenae. But it's not like that.

In the 16th century in various parts of the world, in addition to being used to lift the buttocks, tighten the waist and lift the bust, they were also used for medical purposes. That is why there are girdles that accompany you in the recovery process from any surgery, preserving the care you deserve and thinking first about your health, clarifying that it is better to buy the girdle before surgery to be able to use it immediately after the intervention. Here I present to you the best post-surgical Colombian girdles :

Post-surgical Girdle

Shapewear designed with a built-in bra, which has high coverage cups that provide extra support. Its design covers the entire back to provide support to the lumbar region and prevent pain and dislocations.

Post-surgical abdominal compression girdle

Made so that little by little you regain strength after your surgery. The garment includes a system that flattens the skin of the abdomen and provides extra support to the back.

This garment covers almost the entire body but leaves your bust free, just let time do its job and rest.

Girdle with reducing and shaping properties

This type of garment can be worn under clothing without being noticed, they usually come in skin color and have details on the thighs to make you look sexy. So now you know, while you recover you can look however you want.

Full-body design garment

Style and design that comes in polyamide material, a novel and imported fabric that has elastic qualities that allows it to adapt very well to your body. Available in various sizes and can speed up your recovery process even sooner than expected by the surgeon.

Abdomen flattening girdle

It comes with a flattening system throughout the center that can be removed if it is uncomfortable. It is ideal after your pregnancy or any cosmetic surgery and has a transparent design so that no one notices. But it can also be used without a prior surgical procedure.

Advantages of using a post-surgical belt

Within our design line, lycra is the best to use after any surgery, although it is not made of high compression fiber, it helps the recovery process.

One factor to take into account is that in surgery seroma is produced, which is fat mixed with proteins and the person's serum. This happens when the body tries to glue the skin to the muscle, often leaving a lump in the area where it is inserted. performed the surgical procedure. This is precisely where all our girdles play a fundamental role since with the help of them they directly glue the skin, preventing the formation of swelling. Remember that post-surgical girdles should not be too loose but not tight either. It is necessary to clarify that the compression of the girdle is always subject to what the doctor who is operating on us tells us.

How to evaluate the quality of a post-surgical girdle?

Simple, they should simply pinch the girdle and pull it to make sure that it is not too loose, since if so it does not fulfill the adjustment function.

Are there risks of wearing a very tight girdle?

Yes, because it can interrupt blood circulation in the area of ​​the surgical procedure and lead to necrosis, which is nothing more than the death of the skin and can possibly leave scars in the future.

How long should I wear the post surgical girdle?

It depends on the type of surgery and the concept of the health professional. But at least a month is ideal, taking into account that many patients do not use it 24 hours a day.

I say goodbye but not before recommending that it is better to wash our post-surgical girdles with neutral soap and not dry them directly in the sun so as not to deform the material. I hope it has been useful for you and that you always keep in mind which are the best post-surgical Colombian girdles when you have to use them.

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