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Article: How was the complete girdle born?

¿Cómo nació la faja completa?

How was the complete girdle born?

Colombian girdle, reducing and for daily use. Shapewear and girdle for men and women

Of course, if it is true it happens to all women, there are definitely days when we do not want to feel completely girded and it is normal, this phrase is very common in women like you or me who are used to wearing a complete girdle every day.

But it also usually happens that we are not able to go out without the girdle, we feel strange perhaps, insecure, it is a feeling that I have shared with friends who think the same as me and who believe that the best invention to shape your body is that girdle that DOES NOT I don't want to nor can I stop using it, I don't know if it happens to you, but when I don't have it I really need it, the pants don't fit me the same, when I put on a dress I feel naked, and YES , I must confess that I have become a lover of my Form your Body girdle, but there are still days when I don't want to use it.

The great advantage is that there are no limits when it comes to vanity and one of those many meetings a friend told me: "Rocio, design another model that can serve as support for those days when we don't want to wear a full girdle, that would be great." ", and I remembered some cases of women who came to the Shape Your Body stores and wanted a garment that only shaped the waist, hips and buttocks, but not feeling completely girded, it is from there that that shared feeling was born and where I saw a new Another alternative for those women who do not want to feel completely girded and for all those like me who some days want to be freer but NOT stop wearing a girdle.

However, there are cases where using Colombian girdles Forma Tu Cuerpo is not only an option but a necessity, like the case of Liliana that you can see in this video :

And it is from that feeling that the desire to make girdles is born, they are the perfect solution to shape the buttocks and feel a flat abdomen at all times and to be able to use the girdle daily, it is the perfect garment for a day of walking or showing off small blouses or to exercise and be able to wear a top.

Today it is one of the best-selling products in my store and the perfect complement when we don't want to be completely wrapped up.


Rocio Vega.


Hola las fajas son muy buenas y si las recomiendo nose sienten que la traes puesta es como tu segunda piel.


Hola las fajas son muy buenas y si las recomiendo nose sienten que la traes puesta es como tu segunda piel.


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