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Article: What is the hourglass girdle for?

para que sirve la faja reloj de arena

What is the hourglass girdle for?

Stay on the blog specialized in Colombian girdles and control garments to learn what the hourglass girdle is for .

You will have already heard your friends or on the street talk about Colombian girdles or hourglass girdles, here you will see if they are different and in which case you should look for one of these girdles for yourself.

Control garments or girdles have been part of women's lives since ancient times, garments such as corsets remind us that women have long sought to look more stylized and show off their clothes with a smaller waist and a flat abdomen. .

The Hourglass Shapewear is a type of Colombian girdle that we are increasingly asked for at Forma Tu Cuerpo due to the trend of curvy bodies that is fashionable at this time.

Bodies like those of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and her sisters are increasingly in demand and there are many plastic surgeries performed by thousands of women around the world seeking to see themselves with a thin waist, large buttocks and hips, and voluminous breasts.

So even if you don't have a body like a Kardashian, Colombian hourglass shapewear is available for you. But we will give you some tips so that you can choose the best control garment according to your body type.

Be clear about your body type, to know whether to use hourglass shapewear

Girdles to reduce measurements

As we have mentioned in other blogs, it is very important that you know what your body type is, that way you can choose not only the girdle but the correct clothing for you.

When analyzing your figure, compare your body with those in the image and define your body type, if you see that your hips are wide, you have large buttocks, a small waist, you are in the average hourglass body, like the figure in the half.

Don't worry if you feel like you have another type of body and at Fajas Colombianas Forma Tu Cuerpo we have many girdles that are for all types of women and men.

Now, at Forma Tu Cuerpo we know that there are people with small waists who, although they do not have such big buttocks, are also hourglass type, that is why we have 2 types of Colombian hourglass girdles.

Hourglass girdle O-011

Hourglass Reducing Colombian Girdles

Hourglass for big glutes.

This is a girdle designed exclusively by Forma Tu Cuerpo, with high quality 100% Colombian fabrics.

Here we must make a clarification, there are girdles on the market that take advantage of the good reputation that Colombian girdles have and even though they are not made or designed in Colombia, they will try to sell you garments of very low quality at very high prices, for example. That's why we recommend that you always verify that the brand you buy has Colombian personnel in charge and that the fabrics and raw materials are of high quality Colombian, because even in Colombia there are low quality fabrics that can hurt your skin.

Always look for a brand that is recognized, first in Colombia (if it is a leader in Colombia, where Colombian girdles were born, it is a quality leader for the world) and then look for that brand in other countries, in this case like the United States, and verify that has stores in main cities, so that they can provide you with advice and support throughout your purchase.

Watch this video of the manufacturing process of the Forma Tu Cuerpo girdles in our factory in Colombia.

But hey, after this long parenthesis, we must continue explaining to you why there are Colombian hourglass-type girdles.

Small waist.

Another of the main characteristics of hourglass shapewear is that these control garments come with one, two or even 3 sizes smaller at the waist, which makes you look like an incredible wasp waist.

Always check to see if your measurements agree with the size guide for each product so you can verify what type of girdle you should use.

Here we leave you an example of a size guide from our online store .

size guide for colombian girdles hourglass

As you can see, there is a wide variety of sizes and different types of compression, you can always choose between low, medium or high adjustment. The high setting being the highest level of compression according to your measurements.

Always take your measurements and make sure you are not bloated from your period or anything else that could affect the result of your measurements.

"The Forma Tu Body Colombian hourglass shapewear are excellent, they helped me improve the results of my surgery in a short time" Karla Gomez, Houston.

Comfort is one of the great challenges when designing a Colombian girdle and that is precisely what has made Forma Tu Cuerpo a global phenomenon in the control garment industry.

As you saw in the video (if you haven't seen it, watch it now!), the design of a girdle is a complex process that goes from pencil to the integration of digital systems to achieve the perfect, comfortable garment that makes you look spectacular.

At FTC we have understood that listening to women is the key to a successful Colombian hourglass shapewear, and not only to women but to beauty experts such as plastic surgeons and other health professionals who can help you understand what you need. a woman to look and feel good.

As for comfort, the only thing we can tell you is that you try our garments so that you notice the difference between garments made with love and technology for you.

Differences between a normal Colombian girdle and an hourglass girdle.

Now we tell you why they are different and why you should get very good advice.

As you can see your body type, your waist, your hips and your measurements in general, define the type of girdle you should wear.

So the main differences are:

Hourglass O-011 Normal Colombian Girdle O-010

Waist 2 to 3 sizes smaller Waist according to your size

Big glutes Normal glutes

3 Rows of Brooches 3 Rows of Brooches

High Compression High Compression

In short, Colombian hourglass girdles and Colombian girdles for bodies that are not of this type are equally good, it all depends on your tastes and the shape you want to give to your body!

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