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Article: Colombian abdomen reducing girdles

Fajas colombianas reductoras de abdomen

Colombian abdomen reducing girdles

One of the questions I get asked the most is: "Rocio, what type of Colombian girdle do you recommend to help me reduce my abdomen?"

Today we are going to explain the different types of reducing girdles that Forma Tu Cuerpo has for you, we will see girdles for daily use, post-surgery and sports.

Colombian abdomen reducing girdles.

Reducing girdles are garments that women around the world have used for a long time to improve their figure or recover the shape of their bodies that they once had and that, due to children, age or simply vanity, they want to have and feel again. much more beautiful and in harmony with themselves.

At Forma Tu Cuerpo we have designed all types of tummy control girdles for 14 years and we have more than 100 different girdles, so we will give you basic advice so you know which is the best girdle for you.

Reducing girdles for daily use:

They are girdles that can be used at any time of the day and are normally used for long periods of time, from the moment you get up until you go to sleep. That is why these girdles must be very comfortable, be made with soft but resistant fabrics and, above all, shape the body well and should not be noticeable under clothing.

At Fajas Colombianas Forma Tu Cuerpo we have some reducing girdles such as the Gold Line, the Silver Line or the Comfort line.

Here we will give you the best-selling models:

Reducing Girdle O-014

Colombian abdomen reducing girdles.

This is a gold line girdle, which means it has 3 layers of abdominal reinforcement, soft lycra on the inside and an ergonomic design that allows you to be comfortable even if you wear your girdle for long periods of time.

This is the best-selling girdle since it helps you reduce up to two sizes when you put it on thanks to the high compression fabric with which it is made. Forma Tu Cuerpo has exclusive fabrics produced in Colombia to guarantee the highest quality and durability.

Even this girdle is the favorite of many high-level plastic surgeons around the world to improve the results of their surgeries, so if they use it, why not you?

Abdomen control girdle

abdomen control girdle

This is without a doubt a very special sash.

Its cocoa color makes it especially attractive for women with tanned skin but it also combines very well with all types of clothing colors.

This garment has 3 layers of abdominal reinforcement, super butt enhancement and has an incredible design for your waist.

Colombian Reducing Girdle

Colombian abdomen reducing girdles Shape Your Body

This is a Linea Oro girdle, it is very special since it is one of those girdles that we can use when we want something that allows us to go to the bathroom easily.

But not only that, its three levels of clasps allow you to make a step-by-step adjustment to the abdomen, making it a perfect girdle to accompany and improve any weight loss process, such as diets, slimming massages, etc.

This girdle has 4 to 6 special rods that create a corset-type effect which helps to improve not only the shape of your abdomen, but also to shape your waist.

Definitely one of the must-have tummy control girdles.

Colombian Reducing Girdle O-017

This sash is very similar to the aforementioned O-014 but its black color makes it very special.

When the fabrics are subjected to its color process, black causes the fibers to compact more than in beige fabrics. So if you are looking for some extra compression, the black shapewear and especially the O-017 is one of the shapewear that will help you shape your abdomen in an unmatched way.

The fifth sash is a surprise that we will soon have for you. That's why we invite you to follow us on our social networks but even better that you try our tummy control girdles and tell us what your experience has been!


Rocio Vega

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