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Article: How a Shape Your Body girdle changed a life

C贸mo una faja Forma Tu Cuerpo cambi贸 una vida

How a Shape Your Body girdle changed a life

Shape Your Body Shapewear, Colombian shapewear

For many, the words at the head of this article may be an exaggeration, how a Shape Your Body girdle changed a life, however for people like Marina (who I will call that out of respect for her privacy) it is not...

At 32 years old, she used to be a sociable, kind person, dedicated to the things that she was passionate about, such as drawing and everything related to artistic expressions. She had an enviable body that any 15-year-old girl would like to have, however From one moment to the next everything changed.

Marina had a romantic relationship with a person who was not entirely healthy for her, she continually told him that she was worthless, that she couldn't manage to go out with him, that she was ashamed to be by his side. The time came when Marina ended up being convinced of all this, and she really started to do what her partner told her, she began to get careless, she no longer played any sport, she felt constantly anxious about the recriminations that he made to her, now I literally just ate and slept.

We have talked in other articles and TV shows about the importance of good self-esteem and how using a Shape Your Body girdle can help women in their different stages of life.

But let's continue looking at Marina's story and how the Shape Your Body girdles helped her.

It is not surprising that this whole situation will affect her self-esteem and self-esteem to the point of wishing she were dead, she no longer found meaning in her daily life, if he did not see her attractive what meaning did his life have (that was what she thought), she came to love him so much that she forgot to love herself first. In the long run and thanks to fate and the advice of her family and friends, she abandoned this relationship that little by little was consuming her, I'm not going to lie, seeing her in that situation, in addition to being sad, was frustrating.

We decided with some friends to do a type of intervention, we talked to her, we made her understand that love for someone else must first be born from the love we have for ourselves as women, that people who cause us harm and suffering do not deserve to be in our lives, because in addition to not being useful, they are toxic, and the people who love us push us to be better every day, support us at every moment of the day, but above all, they accept us as we are.

Now we had to help her improve not only mentally, emotionally but physically, every day one of us went out with her in the morning to walk for a while, to talk about the things that happened to us, and like most women we usually do when we go out. With friends we went shopping (until the card slots were full), in a renowned shopping center in the city we saw a store called Forma Tu Cuerpo , we went in without many expectations, the truth is because Marina seemed reluctant to purchase any product. of beauty, since at the time she did not have that harmonious body that characterized her for years, however the good energy and attention of the advisors who assisted us made her change her attitude almost immediately.

What I will say may seem exaggerated, but that knee-length Mediterranean girdle with wide straps literally changed Marina's perspective on life, (I learned her reference by heart) when she put it on she saw how her abdomen, which 10 seconds ago looked deformed, now looked slender. and toned, her waist was clearly defined, revealing her beautiful silhouette, her legs received more looks than she remembered having received before, she saw how beautiful she was, how she could look daily if she wanted to, that she was beautiful for what she carried inside and that she should reflect on the outside, she lived that day again.

Colombian girdles

Since then, Marina regained her will to live, she improved her eating habits, she eats a lot of fruit (from time to time she indulges in desserts, I won't deny it), she exercises daily, she continually works on herself, paying attention to how wonderful a woman she is. , in how good it feels and how good it looks. And it all started with the posture of a Shape Your Body girdle, which in my opinion in its slogan "makes women curvy", I should add "and happy to be as they are". I'm not just saying it for Marina, I'm saying it for the thousands of cases and testimonies that I have heard and seen, mine firsthand in my marriage, but that will be another story.

Nice day,

Rocio Vega


Como puedo saber q tipo de faja me ba ayudar a mi?

Avigay Ignacio

Como puedo saber q tipo de faja me ba ayudar a mi?

Avigay Ignacio

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