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Article: Learn about before and after using a Colombian girdle

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Learn about before and after using a Colombian girdle

Colombian girdles have established themselves in the international market due to the quality of the materials, the finishes of the garments and the benefits that their use brings to shape the body of those who use them.

However, there are still many questions about them, for example, if you can exercise with a belt on or if they really help you lose weight.

We tell you how our compression garments can help you achieve your goals and make you look spectacular at all times!

Benefits of using a Colombian girdle

There are many myths surrounding the use of girdles. On the Internet, in casual conversations and even in some blogs you can find all kinds of information that sometimes even contradicts itself about the consequences of wearing them.

To learn more about these compression garments, you should know that there are as many types as there are body types and that means that some will suit you better than others according to your needs.

With this in mind, you will not make common mistakes such as choosing a smaller size, since choosing the wrong size can cause health problems, instead of helping you.

Keep in mind that Colombian girdles help you reduce measurements, but they will not magically make you lose weight. Its effect is instantaneous when you put it on and you will look incredible with any garment, but when you take it off it will remain the same.

They are an additional accessory to highlight body attributes. Many women think that shapewear helps you feel empowered, with more self-esteem and confidence.

To see a real result, you must maintain a routine of exercise or physical activity and a balanced diet. The girdle is the ideal accessory for you to achieve your goals faster. For example, you can wear a sports waistband while you exercise. Remember that the constant use of girdles will make your body take the shape that your girdle gives you.

Remember that not all girdles are suitable for exercising. Some have a very high level of compression and can cause inconvenience because when you are moving you need to properly manage your breathing. The same happens while you sleep. Although our garments are very comfortable, it is not recommended that you use them when resting.

Another benefit of using Colombian girdles is that it highlights your attributes; They can slim the abdominal area, thighs or upper back, enhance your buttocks and your bust and your curves.

In addition to becoming your best ally for recovery from an operation. In that case they are essential to help you heal. With Colombian post-surgical girdles you will notice a great change before and after your procedure, since they are of great support after an intervention.

A small reminder is that if you purchase a Colombian garment for postpartum or post-surgical reasons, the compression must be greater and to meet that objective they must be made with a zipper or hook and eye closure, in some cases, it can have both. Additionally, the girdles have openings in the perineal area so you can go to the bathroom comfortably. The recommendation is always that a health professional or the person who performed the intervention give you the necessary specifications for the girdle.

The girdles have microcapsules of seaweed and vitamin E that will also help in recovery from post-operative processes. Remember that after your surgery you can use your girdle daily to receive all these components of nature on the skin.

At Forma Tu Cuerpo we have girdles of all types and colors, girdles with sleeves, sleeveless, strapless, short to the knee, beige, black, cocoa, which makes them versatile garments for all types of occasions or needs. .

Care you should take with your Colombian girdle

It is a fact that Colombian girdles have a long life thanks to the high quality in their preparation since they are made by hand, by people who place each detail manually and in the materials with which they are made, but to do so you must give them care. special, so you can get the most out of them and look wonderful for longer.

Preferably wash them by hand because doing so in the washing machine can change the shape or damage the fabric. Therefore, it is better that you clean them with mild products that have a balanced pH and do not use a brush to scrub, but rather a soft cloth that can help you remove stains.

Also keep in mind that keeping your girdle clean is important to avoid irritation or any type of reaction on your skin. Although the materials are hypoallergenic, it is best that, as you do with any regularly used garment, you keep it in good condition.

Remember that over years of use, garments can lose some of their main characteristics such as compression and firmness.

But we are sure that if you use our Colombian girdles you will notice the before and after changes in your posture and especially in your figure.

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