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Article: Short girdles to shape your body

Fajas de short para moldear tu cuerpo

Short girdles to shape your body

Good afternoon!

How are they doing with those bodies?

My loves, I tell you that more and more people are reading us, thank you very much for continuing to report in this space that belongs to you, our readers. Today I will talk to you about one of the most discreet girdles on the market, the butt lifter short girdles.  

Butt-lifting short girdles continue to prevail in terms of discretion and beauty, since many times women use the shorts to exercise and show them off at the gym, that's why I want you to know the top 3 butt-lifting short girdles, and not Only use it for sports, also to use with daily clothing, since they can be used with skirts, jeans and dresses. It should be noted that all these short girdles control the abdomen. 

There are different types of short girdles, among which are:

  • Short Knee Girdle

It is ideal to use with jeans and lycras, control the lower abdomen, lift buttocks and define waist and hips. The advantage of this girdle is that when it reaches the knee it can work on those love handles lodged in the leg. It is designed with powernet material, which is made of polyamide and elastane, providing greater compression to the girdle.

The invisible shorts are ideal for those women who want to go unnoticed when using this type of shorts to shape their body. It helps to lift the tail naturally and thanks to its high waist it can also work the lower abdomen. This type of shapewear comes with a special lace so that it does not roll up while wearing it, it is made of high quality powernet to properly shape your body.

This is one of the shorts that has been very popular since it comes in two designs, always maintaining the same benefits: lifting the glutes, controlling the fat in the legs and working on the lower abdomen area. Some come with a hole in the back to allow the buttock to rest on the girdle and also so that it goes unnoticed as it blends with the legs, and the other models come with a traditional closure in the back. Some designs come with special packaging for cold therapy.

These types of short girdles are very complete since many women find it less likely that the girdle will be seen under their pants than if they wear it from the waist up.

Features of short shapewear

  • Most come with powernet fabric, which is used in high compression shapewear to allow freedom of movement for women.
  • All these girdles come with a lace system on the leg for shaping and a non-slip system, which prevents the short girdle from bending.
  • Shapewear for different activities such as exercising, going to work or just staying at home.
  • Some girdles reach the bottom of your bust because they help you recover your posture, which is why they are called free breast shorts and they help you firm them.

Made with natural elements such as gingko biloba, vitamin E and seaweed, it has elastic lace and a silicone band that does not allow the girdle to slip down our legs. Not only does it help us enhance our buttocks, it also gives us abdominal control and defines our waist. It is also appropriate for a more intimate occasion with our partner, some come with a hole in the back to provide double support to our buttocks.

Short girdles can also be used to help you recover from surgery, thanks to the fact that their material is so soft that little by little it helps you in your process of recovering the figure in your legs, for example after surgery on your buttocks, But as I always tell you, the important thing is to consult with your doctor first, since before using girdles, the important thing is recovery and your health.

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