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Article: Shapewear to take care of your back and improve posture

 fajas para cuidar la espalda

Shapewear to take care of your back and improve posture

Currently, the use of girdles has been dynamic and thanks to advances in their application technology, the ways and specifications in which they can help a person have increased, such as the emergence of girdles to take care of the back.

This type of girdle to care for the back has gained strength in recent years due to the constant lumbar problems that people suffer for different reasons, such as bad posture and poorly performed efforts that take their toll over the days and become annoying pain.

On many occasions, back support belts are used as a complementary treatment to therapies and medicine to relieve pain often caused by inflammation, which causes lumbar injuries such as lumbago or spinal problems. In addition, girdles to care for the spine help to regain mobility and relieve pain.

However, it is necessary to talk about what a back support belt is, which becomes an aid of supports and orthoses that aims to contain the lumbar area and the sacral region of the back.

Typically, girdles to care for the spine are used by patients with chronic pain or lower back pain, who see in this type of garment a way to improve the stability of the back, providing security in movements.

It should be noted that the use of girdles to care for the back must be supervised by a specialist to avoid other types of more serious injuries.

The objective of girdles to care for the spine is, mainly, to contain the area and relax the entire back muscles. In addition, it serves to prevent the user from making movements that worsen the injury. Thus, it fulfills the main function of relieving pain, making the patient carry out their daily activities.

Generally, the cases in which girdles are recommended to care for the back are in cases of acute low back pain, in which the pain does not disappear very easily and is disabling for the patient, since the discomfort prevents them from carrying out daily activities. Also in case of chronic injuries that affect the quality of life of those who use them, since the use of girdles to care for the back will provide security in movements.

In addition, girdles to care for the spine are also recommended in the case of athletes who lift large amounts of weight on a regular basis, since girdles to care for the back help to support the area and, therefore, prevent injuries. .

Back braces

However, there are several types of back support belts that will adapt to each person's needs.

The first type are the classic girdles to care for the spine , which are usually made of materials such as neoprene and are used to treat low back pain, hernias or acute pain in the lower back.

The second type are sports belts that are especially suitable for sports or bodybuilding activities. These back support belts are usually made of breathable materials and include a support reinforcement.

This type of reinforced girdles are usually used in postoperative back surgery processes, in particular cases such as lumbar or cervical disc herniation surgery or lumbar arthrodesis, since they serve to keep the back in an appropriate position.

The third type are postpartum girdles, which are used after giving birth. In this case, back care belts cover the entire abdominal area and their objective is for the area to regain firmness.

A separate case in belts to care for the back are those used for work, being recommended to avoid certain back injuries, especially in positions where loads must be lifted continuously. With the use of the abdomen control and butt lift girdle Ref. 0-010 , in addition to the care of the spine, the lower abdominal area is protected


In different cases mentioned, the use of a back support belt can provide many benefits to the patient, as it can significantly relieve pain and improve the mobility and function of the back.

Likewise, back support belts provide security and firmness in movements, since whoever uses them, upon noticing the compressed area, feels much more confident to move and make some effort. On the other hand, it also serves to relax the muscles, which can help avoid injuries and overloads in other areas of the body.

However, the use of girdles to care for the spine should not be exceeded, as it can lead to different contraindications that must be taken into account.

One of the recommendations is not to use girdles to take care of your back constantly, since the back muscles could get used to the containment in which they remain, and, therefore, their functions could be altered.

On the other hand, excessive use of girdles to care for the back can increase blood pressure, therefore, they are not recommended for patients with cardiovascular problems or heart pathologies.

In addition, girdles to care for the spine can provide a feeling of 'false security' and make the patient overconfident, going so far as to overextend their functions and movements that strain the back. Therefore, it is recommended that the use of girdles to care for the back be accompanied by alternative treatments, such as physiotherapy.

In summary, it is important to maintain a healthy lumbar area since it is one of the parts of the body that suffers the most from the different postures or efforts made, and as a recommendation to prevent lumbar problems as much as possible, it is important to avoid the use of Tight clothing and limit the use of high heels for specific occasions. In addition to maintaining an adequate weight to avoid tension in the area.

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