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Article: What material are the reducing belts made of?

de que material son las fajas reductoras

What material are the reducing belts made of?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people looking to purchase a girdle or a control garment is to know what material the reducing girdles are made of, since when choosing this type of garment it is very important to take into account its manufacture. to know what its effectiveness will be in our body.

There are some important factors that are advisable to take into account before purchasing a girdle since it should also be purchased according to the needs you have for your body.

Always keep in mind what use you are going to give to the girdle since depending on this you can already have information about the firmness of the girdle and the support it should have for your body since this begins to depend on which ones. These will be the benefits that you will have the moment you start using your control garment.

When you find a girdle that suits your needs, you begin to see changes in your figure and you begin to show off that body that you always wanted wearing any garment. In addition to this, other benefits that you can find with the use of girdles occur when you use them during exercise and daily training since they will help us sweat more and in this way you will be able to eliminate toxins that can reflected in losing weight if proper training is carried out.

Beyond improving your figure and helping to cover those imperfections that can be evident when we wear some type of garment that does not benefit us enough, girdles also fulfill a fundamental task in our body and that is that they help us improve our posture because it puts pressure on the support of your back so that you avoid slouching while doing your day-to-day activities. In addition to this, if you are a person who constantly performs a sport or exercise, girdles are your allies to counteract the pain that an injury can cause or simply to avoid them.

However, it is worth clarifying that these benefits mentioned above do not occur in your body if you do not first manage to choose the correct girdle for your body as it is not an easy process and one to which a lot of attention and time must be paid. You must keep in mind that there are many types of girdles and that for this reason there can be confusion when choosing, however there are some factors that can help you arrive at the best care garment taking into account the use, the size and know what material the slimming girdles you need are made of for your body.

  • Use of the girdle : First of all, you must know what use you are going to give to this garment since they can serve many purposes on our body, which is why the most common reasons for wanting a girdle are: uses, for example, to shape your figure, lose weight, improve your body posture, shapewear, post-surgical girdles , sports girdles , accessories or simply use it on a daily basis to accelerate sweating.
  • Girdle sizes : This is one of the most important factors when choosing a girdle since the effectiveness that the girdle will have on your body largely depends on this. If the wrong belt is chosen, it can cause problems such as discomfort in daily activities or tighten considerably to damage our posture and cause some muscle pain. The girdle should adapt itself to your body without producing any type of folds or lumps that do not help shape the figure. It should be noted that it also depends on the level of compression of the garment we buy.
  • Girdle material : Believe it or not, the material with which the girdle is made is very important for it to be effective on our body. The most common thing on the market is to find lycra or nylon girdles but they can hurt the body if they are not used properly. Other most recommended materials are cotton and neoprene that provide greater support for our body.

Materials used for girdles

Taking into account this last point mentioned, it is always important to know what material the reducing girdles that we are going to use for our body are made of, since the achievements that we can achieve in our body when we use this type of garment depend a lot on this manufacturing.

For this reason, we bring you three of the most recommended materials for manufacturers and which you should take into account when you ask yourself what materials are the reducing girdles that will benefit you according to the needs you have for your body.

  • Latex: This material has always been known as one of the most resistant and elastic materials and is used for a wide variety of manufacturing elements in the world. This is one of the fabrics that is most used by athletes since it has the ability to avoid the humidity produced by our body, in this way it can also raise our body temperature to generate more sweating when performing. our training this type of (vest girdle Ref. S-004, latex girdle Ref. S-005 and hourglass waist trainer girdle Ref. S-006).
  • Powernet: This material is one of the best for control garments since it is a high compression fabric that has the ability to easily adapt to our body figure. In the girdle market, this is one of the most common fabrics since it provides the user with high resistance regardless of the activities carried out with the girdle on. Another important advantage of the powernet fabric is that it allows the skin to breathe, which helps prevent excessive sweating and discomfort for the person. For this purpose, there are different types such as the mid-leg girdle with straps Ref S-010, mid-leg girdle with sleeves Ref. S-014, short suit girdle Ref. S-015)
  • Lycra: As mentioned previously, lycra is one of the most common fabrics in the manufacture of girdles, this is because it is a soft fabric that does not harm as it is the material that is in contact with the skin, while The powernet is the outer part that provides the compression. Although lycra is not a fabric that helps compression, it is a fabric that helps a lot in skin care and its most important use is in post-surgical girdles since it helps skin hygiene in the process. of recovery.

Knowing what material the slimming girdles are made of will help us see results faster in our body depending on what we want to improve and also helps us understand that not all types of girdles can work for our bodies since it depends on the specific need. that we have and how our skin can adapt to different types of materials.

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