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Article: The most popular surgeries for men

hombre con faja postquirurgicas

The most popular surgeries for men

Even if you are doubting the title of this blog, we want to confirm that men are also highly interested in having some aesthetic adjustments to their bodies. We want to tell you what these trendy surgeries for men are and what care they should take at the time and after performing them.

It is proven according to experts that men are a little less careful than women after these interventions, for this reason it is important that you follow your doctor's instructions to the letter and that you take into account the general care that we will tell you below. continuation. Find out which surgeries are currently the most popular for men and what they consist of.

Surgeries for men


It consists of eliminating fat accumulations by aspirating the fat through small incisions (less than 1 centimeter) with cannulas specially designed for this function. Different types of liposuction can be performed: classic (suction only), lipolaser (laser-assisted, which helps to break down fat more easily and tighten the skin) or with ultrasound (vaserlipo). The main areas treated are abdomen, neck (jowl) and breasts.

  • Care to consider:
    • Use your postoperative girdle properly: In the postoperative period it is necessary to wear a girdle for at least four weeks. In this way, the fabrics will be well fixed to each other. Additionally, the healing process is maximized. Our Colombian girdle for men , reference H-001, is the most suitable for this procedure.
    • Avoid excessive heat: During the first two weeks, avoid exposure to the sun and very hot places such as saunas.
    • Follow medical treatment: you must follow to the letter the medication and care that your doctor prescribes as this allows your pain to remain stable and recovery to be faster.

Breast reduction

This surgery consists of the elimination of excess mammary gland due to its growth, this abnormality is called gynecomastia and can occur either due to development and puberty, obesity or taking substances such as steroids when men want to muscle the body.

  • Care to consider:
    • Use your post-operative girdle : This girdle is necessary to help reduce inflammation, prevent the appearance of fluid and adapt the skin.
    • Do not make physical efforts: It is advisable not to lift weight or make physical efforts. Do not make sudden movements with your arms and shoulders, at least for the first few days.
    • Follow the doctor's prescription: The medications suggested by the doctor are to reduce inflammation and reduce pain.


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a procedure that involves removing excess skin on the upper eyelid and removing eye bags that appear under the eyelids.

The main benefits of this intervention are that on the one hand it eliminates the feeling of fatigue, helping men to look younger, and it also provides improvement in vision after the procedure. Another factor that contributes to its high demand is that there is no visible scar.

  • Care to consider:
    • Avoid hot environments that cause dry eyes.
    • Shower with warm water instead of hot and without getting your head wet so as not to wet the tapes.
    • Try to sleep in a horizontal position and on your back to avoid irritation of the area and the stitches from lifting. Before sleeping it is advisable to apply ointment and when you get up, if you feel dry, wash your eye with serum.
    • Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes from the sun. They also help hide plasters and bruises.
    • Avoid high-intensity sports for the first 20 to 30 days.
    • Use gel discs to perform cold therapy.


The facelift or facial lift eliminates sagging and firms the skin. This in order to take a few years off your face and erase the signs of aging, while maintaining sharp and masculine features.

  • Care to consider:
    • Maintain peace of mind: avoid any situation that could upset or stress you, and also avoid physical exertion.
    • Sleep on your back: It is recommended to keep your head up to maintain proper circulation and allow your skin to adapt to the new changes.
    • Apply ice: Placing ice on the area is one of the most effective methods to reduce swelling and the tight feeling of the skin.
    • Use a chin strap : Girdles help keep the skin stretched and prevent it from coming into contact with external agents. Remember to ask your doctor or nurse to teach you how to put on and take off the belt correctly.


Also known as nose surgery, it is one of the oldest, most famous and requested aesthetic treatments. This nasal remodeling surgery is demanded both for male aesthetics to harmonize the nose with the rest of the face, and for medical reasons due to respiratory dysfunction.

  • Care to consider:
    • Keep your head elevated: this is necessary so that the blood pressure to the head decreases.
    • Apply cold: this benefits the inflammation and healing process of the surgery.
    • Wash your nasal passages: From the third or fourth day after rhinoplasty, you can start washing your nasal passages with elements suggested by your doctor.
    • Limit physical activity: this so that your blood pressure does not become strained.

As you can see, men must also take care similar to women, the important thing is to follow all your doctor's instructions so that the procedure ends as you expect. For men, there are multiple types of girdles that you can find for these procedures as well, you just need to consult with our expert advisors at Forma Tu Cuerpo.

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