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Article: Types of girdles for after surgery

mujer con faja post quirurgica

Types of girdles for after surgery

All our efforts must be focused on postoperative care after cosmetic surgery, so that our entire process is worth it and we see the results in our body quickly. Girdles fulfill a super important mission in this recovery, which is why we want to tell you that there are multiple types of girdles for after surgery.

A girdle is made with special fabrics that compress some areas of your body in order to shape them, and make them look slim, in addition to this, they improve your posture. On the other hand, with a good diet and an adequate exercise routine, they help your body reduce its measurements and shape itself, making your curves stand out and make you look fabulous.

Now, thanks to the compression they exert on our body, the specialists who design these products realized that girdles can contribute significantly to the post-operative care of surgery, since they adjust the hanging skin back to your body and help to reduce swelling and improve healing of the operated area.

There are multiple types of girdles for after surgery and they are suitable depending on the operation you want to perform, which is why it is essential that you are properly advised to choose the best product. Here we tell you some types of girdles used for surgeries.

Short shapewear

woman with short girdle

If your plastic surgery did not involve the area of ​​your legs, short girdles are ideal for you, since they focus on taking care of the upper area of ​​the body, such as when you perform liposuction or a tummy tuck. They can also be used if your intervention involves your buttocks, such as a butt lift or BBL or a lipotransfer, also known as buttock augmentation with fat.

Girdles with sleeves

woman with sash with sleeves

Girdles with sleeves are ideal for when your surgery involves some retouching of your arms. For example, brachioplasties, better known as arm lifts, require that this area be well compressed for your recovery. Additionally, these girdles can be used in the aforementioned surgeries, arm liposuction or abdominoplasty.


Knee-length sash 

woman with knee-length girdle

The knee-length girdle , sometimes they are covered in the bust and in others they are strapless, clearly you must choose your girdle according to the procedure you undergo, for example if your intervention included a touch-up on your legs, this girdle is ideal for your care. . On the other hand, if your girdle covers up to your chest, it can be used in surgery that has involved your bust.

bra girdles

woman with bra girdle

Bra girdles are exclusively used for surgeries that involve your bust, such as a lift and even a reduction since they support the weight of your breasts and allow proper recovery.

Full body girdle

woman with full girdle

Full body girdles compress most areas of your body, for this reason they can be used for all the surgeries mentioned above. These girdles regularly cover your arms and legs up to the knee and provide comprehensive support throughout your body. Remember that after your intervention and your recovery you can continue using it with your daily clothes.

Waist girdle

woman with waist girdle

Waist trainers are one of the most common and popular girdles recently. Although they do not have a completely surgical use, these girdles can be used in the second stage of recovery, once the surgeon gives you approval, they allow you to prolong the effects of the surgery and benefit it thanks to the compression they provide to the waist.

Chin strap 

woman with chin strap

The chin strap is for exclusive use for facial surgical interventions, such as bichectomy, lipoplasty, among other interventions. It performs a very similar function to other girdles, compressing the skin so that it returns properly to its place.

Accessories for girdles

Believe it or not, there are complementary shapewear accessories for shapewear that will make your process a little easier and even faster. Some of those accessories are:

female urinary device

female urinary device

The female urinary device also known as the female urinary funnel is a curious invention that allows women to urinate standing up. The interesting thing is that not only can it be used after a surgical intervention but you can also use it in multiple places to avoid direct contact with the bathroom surface. Keep in mind that the girdles have a perineal opening so that this device can be used.

Buttock recovery cushion

cushion for buttocks recovery

This butt recovery cushion is designed exclusively for your butt surgery recovery. Doctors do not recommend that you put pressure on them for a few weeks, then this cushion will help you gradually sit up.

Post surgical foam

woman with post-surgical foam

After surgery, it is convenient and very necessary to use a post-surgical foam that helps protect the skin due to the constant use of the girdle. This foam also serves the function of helping the skin stick and adhere much more. fast to the body.

Antiembolic stocking

antiembolic stockings

Anti-embolic or compression stockings gently squeeze the legs to circulate blood upwards. This helps prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots.

As you can see, shapewear is an extremely wide world full of multiple options. We want you to keep in mind that all girdles can be used after surgery once they have fulfilled their care mission so that you can continue firming your body. Furthermore, accompanied by a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, they can be very favorable for your body and make you look shaped, with great curves and slim.

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