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Article: What size girdle should I use?

que talla de faja debo usar

What size girdle should I use?

If you are looking for the correct way to shape your body, and you are a woman looking for security and confidence to wear any type of garment you want to wear, then it is important that you know exactly what size should be used in the girdle so that we can show off a molded figure without having any risk of it being too tight or, on the contrary, not fitting precisely on our body.

In this case, it is of utmost importance to know how the measurements should be taken to use the girdle , since the exact measurements of the bust, waist and hips must be taken, so that the control garment can act on our body. body correctly. Once we have the measurements of these three areas of the body, this allows us to choose a more complete and effective type of girdle to work on our body type.

In order to take the measurements, it is important to do it with a measuring tape so that the bust, waist and hip areas can be measured in the most exact way, since these three are the ones that will allow you to recognize what your girdle size is. correct and in this way you can witness and enjoy all the benefits that this type of garment has to shape your body with the comfort that custom-made girdles guarantee. Below we leave you some tips so that you become familiar with how to correctly measure your body.

As a first tip, it is always advisable to take measurements in underwear, since the clothes we are wearing can add a few extra centimeters and alter the exact measurement of our body. Secondly, it is important that you maintain constant and normal breathing, since trying to hold your breath affects the measurement of the lower zone.

In addition to this, it is advisable not to take measurements after eating, as far as possible to have a completely straight posture so as not to affect the position of the body, and finally it is important to try not to take measurements during the menstrual period since the body can swell and the exact measurements would not be reached.

Due to the importance of recognizing the exact size of our body, we not only have recommendations for you before measuring yourself, but we also give you some advice on how you should correctly measure each of the important areas of our body in As far as sizes are concerned.

  • Waist measurement: To take this measurement correctly, always surround it completely with the measuring tape as a reference point above the navel. It is important that it fits well but does not overtighten you.
  • Hip measurement: Like the previous measurement, with the measuring tape pass it over the widest part of your buttocks to have a wider measurement of this body area.
  • Bust measurement: Although it is not a fundamental measurement, since you can guide yourself with the bra size you wear, it is important to always confirm the information with the measuring tape surrounding the bust area, holding it without being too tight.

It should be noted that the sizes of the girdles are within a range and by taking the measurements the idea is that you can be closer to the large range. If you are between two sizes, your body shape comes into play here and what type of girdle can benefit you best.

It is also important to motivate yourself to find the correct size of girdle for your body since wearing a tighter size or a larger size that does not provide enough support can have some significant disadvantages and discomfort for your body.

Among the most common discomforts that you may feel with a girdle that is not your size are not being able to move normally, breathing difficulties due to the tight girdle, irregularities when going to the bathroom, and some internal organs being compressed. and they affect its normal functioning and when it comes to eating, food is not processed in the correct way for the well-being of your body. When you have your size clear, it is important that you choose what type of compression you want: very tight, tight or not very tight.

Size Charts

In order to make it easier for you to find the perfect girdle for your body and to your size, we provide you with a size chart so that you can enjoy all the benefits that slimming girdles have for you.

The following table is based on your waist measurements and your pants size in order to speed up the measurement process. It is also important that you keep in mind that in each girdle you will find a table of measurements, since they may vary depending on the color of the girdle , whether beige , black, cocoa, or the type of fabric, whether latex or depending on the type of girdle. be it sporty , among others, according to the characteristics of the girdle, the compression may vary.




























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