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Article: Types of bras that you should wear depending on the occasion

tipos de brasieres

Types of bras that you should wear depending on the occasion

The bra is an intimate garment that we have worn since adolescence and that can make a difference in the comfort and appearance of an outfit. Not all clothes adapt to the same type of bra, since each occasion requires a different garment that meets the necessary requirements to make you look and feel good. Therefore, it is important that you take into account the types of bras to know which one to use depending on the activity you are going to do.

In this blog we will tell you about some types of bra and on which occasions they are most appropriate, so that you know which one to wear to feel comfortable at all times. In addition, this way you will know which ones should not be missing in your closet so that the occasion does not take you by surprise.

Bras for everyday use

For everyday life it is important to wear a comfortable bra that gives you enough support without sacrificing your comfort. This should have straps that don't dig into your shoulders, soft cups, and a band that fits properly without being too tight.

The push up bra meets these requirements and more, making it the perfect type of bra for everyday wear. In addition to being comfortable and soft, it enhances the bust and supports the back to avoid pain, in case you have large breasts. It also gathers fat around the armpits and on the back to make you look more stylish. Colors are also important; That's why you can wear this bra in black and beige so you can use it with any outfit. Another advantage is that it does not leave marks on clothing, thanks to its design and fabrics.

Bras for strapless blouses or dresses

If you want to wear a low-cut or sleeveless dress or blouse, a good option is the silicone bra, as it is invisible and has no straps, as it adheres to the skin with a special adhesive. Therefore, this type of bra is ideal to use with transparent fabrics or with clothes that leave the back and shoulders bare. At Forma Tu Cuerpo we have strapless girdles that combine perfectly with this bra, as they do not show any signs and shape your figure to give it a slim appearance.

However, it is important to note that silicone bras do not offer the same level of support as traditional bras, so they are not recommended for high-impact activities or for women with large breasts who require more support.

Exercise bras

The recommended exercise bras are sports bras, which are designed to provide greater support and comfort during physical activities, especially those with high impact, such as jumping, running or strength training.

If you have large breasts, choose sports bras with molded cups and wide straps so that they distribute the weight of your bust evenly, reduce pressure on your shoulders, and give you the support you need. This way you will not compromise the well-being of your breasts or your comfort while doing physical activity.

Bras for after surgery

If you had or plan to have a surgical procedure on your bust, it is important that you wear a post-surgery bra , such as the bra girdle , a garment designed especially for these interventions. You can use it both in the recovery stage and later on a daily basis, for rest or exercise, since its lycrated material will provide you with the comfort and support that your bust requires after an operation. We also have the faja bra , which offers you the same benefits, but has wide straps.

Bras to feel sexy

For those days when you want to look and feel sexy, which is very good for lifting your spirits, the ideal type of bra is lace, which will make you look more attractive and give you confidence. Bralettes are also lace garments that offer sensuality. In addition, you can wear them outside or accompanied by jackets or blouses.

Now that you know what types of bras to wear for each occasion, don't hesitate to add the ones you need to your closet. You can also shape other areas of your body with our waist cinchers or with butt-lifting shorts and show off a stylized figure so that you look and feel more beautiful. Enter our home and find out all the offers that Fajas Colombianas Forma Tu Cuerpo has for you.

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