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Article: Is it advisable to wear girdles during pregnancy?

fajas durante el embarazo

Is it advisable to wear girdles during pregnancy?

In the last months of pregnancy, it is common for pregnant mothers to experience discomfort and discomfort due to the weight of their belly. Lumbar or pelvic pain may occur due to the pressure that the baby exerts on the area. For this reason, many women choose to wear girdles during pregnancy . However, there are divided opinions about this practice, which may raise doubts about whether or not it is convenient for you to use these garments.

There are different types of girdles, one for each need; There are post-surgical, sports, shaping, among others. The maternal girdle was designed for pregnant women, which is special to support the back and reduce pain. These are the benefits that have given the greatest popularity to girdles for pregnant women . However, using another type of girdle, such as a reducer or shaper, can affect the well-being of the baby, because they exert compression that is not suitable for the pregnancy stage.

So, using girdles during pregnancy that are not special for pregnancy can endanger your health and that of your baby. Therefore, you must make sure that the garment you choose is appropriate for your stage of pregnancy. Consult your doctor so you can have a more accurate answer about the ideal girdle for you.

Benefits of wearing girdles during pregnancy

Although postpartum girdles are popular because they help in the recovery of your figure, you must be clear that girdles for pregnant women will not serve that purpose and that your body does change during pregnancy, since the skin stretches and you gain weight. to give way to a new life. The benefits that a maternal girdle offers you are the following:

1. Reduce lower back pain

One of the greatest benefits of pregnancy girdles is that they help reduce back and spinal pain, since by providing support the muscles tire less.

2. Relieve pressure in the pelvic area

Another quality of pregnancy support girdles is that they reduce the compression exerted by the baby in the pelvic area, which reduces pain in that area and allows daily activities to be carried out more comfortably.

3. Offer support to the spine

When using this type of girdles, the spine is supported, which results in better posture and stability, giving the mother greater balance to avoid the risk of falls.

4. Ease of use

The girdles for pregnant women are easy to put on and take off, since they do not have front snaps like conventional ones, but are mostly elastic for ease of use by the pregnant mother.

5. Provide comfort

A maternity girdle offers the comfort that a pregnant woman needs. The Form Your Body maternal girdle has a design with soft elastic fabrics, which contain vitamin E, seaweed, cosmacol and ginkgo biloba to care for your skin, offer softness and prevent allergies.

Tips for using a maternal girdle correctly

If you decide to use girdles during pregnancy, be sure to follow these recommendations so that you obtain their benefits and have peace of mind when using them.

1. Consult your doctor if you have any impediment

Generally, a girdle of this type can be used by any pregnant woman, however, it is good that you consult with your gynecologist or doctor if you have any special condition or contraindication that prevents you from using pregnancy support girdles .

2. Choose a pregnancy girdle

As we mentioned previously, it is essential that the girdle you purchase is especially for pregnant women, since if you buy a conventional one, which is not designed for that stage, it can affect both your well-being and that of your baby. After giving birth you can replace it with a postpartum girdle to shape your body, but while you are pregnant do not use that type of girdle.

3. Correct size and elastic materials

Take your measurements and choose a garment that fits your size. Also, make sure that its materials are elastic so that you can use it without complications and feel comfortable.

4. Use them at the indicated time

Girdles for pregnant women begin to be used between weeks 25 and 30, which is when the weight of the belly causes discomfort. Likewise, ask your doctor when you should start using it and how many hours a day.

Now that you know the benefits of wearing girdles during pregnancy to provide you with additional support and help reduce pain, you can make your decision to use these garments to improve your well-being in the last months of pregnancy. Follow the instructions for use that come with the girdle and make sure it fits correctly to avoid any type of discomfort.

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