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Article: How are girdles used?

como se usan las fajas

How are girdles used?


I tell you that since we found out that my daughter is coming to visit, we have been looking for ideas for family activities in which we can all participate. One of the things we like to do most as a family is travel, so among those activities we will surely go to a new place and we were thinking a lot about taking a road trip (here they are called roadtrip). Have you ever taken a trip like this before?

We have only done it once as a family, and we loved it! Traveling by road alone with your family during these times has several advantages, among them, you know more about the area where you live, you can stop wherever you want, and there are no time or stop limits. Additionally, by traveling only with our closest family members, we can take better care of ourselves from COVID, since we have more control over what we touch, and where we are. For this particular trip, we are thinking about some tourist destinations and one that I am looking forward to visiting a lot is Georgia. I'll tell you a detail about myself: I'm a hopeless romantic! I love all romance movies and books, from comedies to dramas, and one of my favorite authors is Nicholas Sparks. Sparks has written many novels that were later made into films, such as Noah's Diary, and Nights in Rodanthe. The thing is that most of his novels were set in Georgia, so imagine my desire to go to all these beautiful places this author talks about! I'm almost convinced Hector to visit this state, and in the process we discovered a beautiful place called Tybee Island. If you search on Google, you will see that it is a small, quiet town and that it has several beaches. Some of the activities to do there include seeing its lighthouse, kayaking, visiting the neighboring city called Savannah, eating its typical seafood dishes or getting on a boat to see dolphins in their natural habitat.

All of these possibilities made me very excited, so, taking advantage of the end-of-season sales that several stores have, I went out to buy some summer clothes to wear during our trip. I tried on some things in one of the stores I went to, and one of the salespeople gave me wonderful advice. Before I left with my new purchases, the saleswoman looked at me and asked me in amazement: “How come everything you try on looks so good on you?” I laughed, especially because I could tell the saleswoman was being very honest and I was really amazed. “I have a secret,” I told him, and immediately showed him the sash I was wearing. Shape Your Body . “I've always wanted to wear a waist trainer to look better,” the saleswoman told me, “but I have no idea how to use them!”

This situation left me thinking, because I realized that many of us, although we are convinced that we want a girdle, we do not know how to use it and that limits us in a certain sense. Today I want to tell you how to use shapewear to look incredible and wear all those clothes that we love but that sometimes we feel ashamed to wear because of that annoying roll on our back.

Every day we receive people, both women and men, who come to our stores looking for a girdle that makes them look good, reducing their measurements and highlighting their curves (in the case of women). Everyone is looking for that ally that helps them look incredible when wearing those dream clothes. One of the first things we usually ask them is When do you plan to use this girdle?

I have previously told you that, when choosing our ideal ally, we must be clear about our objectives, so that they can recommend the girdle that is most suitable for us. Shape your Body offers girdles for daily use , sports girdles, girdles for special occasions, post surgical girdles , postpartum , maternal girdles, and of course, girdles for men!

Once we know when we want to use a girdle and the use we want to give it, We must decide what we want to shape, reduce or highlight . This will help us look for a type of girdle that specializes in meeting our objectives. Do you want to reduce waist? A Caribbean Girdle Vest Would it work, or maybe you prefer to lift your tail and disappear the rolls on your back? A Mediterranean Half Leg Girdle it could work!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a girdle that will help you recover after surgery, the Siza Mid-Leg Girdle it could work. If you have just had the wonderful blessing of being a mother, I could recommend the Mid-Leg Girdle with Central Badge , as it would help you in postpartum recovery, also allowing you to breastfeed.

Men who want to try girdles should also be clear about their goals, so they can decide on the right girdle for them, whether they plan to wear it daily form either during exercise .

Remember to be clear about the following points when purchasing a girdle: What use am I going to give it and what objectives do I have ? Keeping this in mind will help us choose the model that best suits us, and will help the person who is guiding us in the choice to know What size should you wear ?

How to use the girdles?

Colombian Girdles
Colombian Girdles

Within the types of girdles, there are two characteristics that we must know in order to choose better and that will determine their use. These two features are: the snaps and the zipper .

The main benefit of snap girdles is the possibility of adjusting the compression to your liking and having three sizes in a single garment. The advantage of this type of girdle is that we can change the compression depending on whether we reduce measurements, or the activities we have. For example, we can use the middle hooks if we are using a girdle daily and we do not want so much compression, or we can use the last hooks, in case we have a special event and we want to reduce our measurements even more.

This is how you should use one brooch sash :

  • You first put the girdle over your legs, and raise it to the top
  • Start closing the clasps from the bottom up, in the row of clasps with which you feel most comfortable
  • Close until the last clasp, the sash should be flush with the bust

Zipper girdles, for their part, are designed to provide adequate compression, helping you reduce measurements and control excess fat accumulated in specific places on your body.

If you are going to use a zipper sash , do the following:

  • You first put the girdle over your legs, and raise it to the top
  • Close the first clasp and zip it up there.
  • Close the sash snap by snap, and raising the zipper little by little
  • Close until the last clasp, and raise the zipper until the sash is closed flush with the bust

Knowing these variants in girdles, I will now tell you how each type of girdle is used.

How are reducing girdles used?

In the case of reducing girdles, Forma tu Cuerpo has a great variety, and the choice basically depends on when we want to use the girdle and what we want to highlight and what we would like to hide. There are girdles to reduce any part of our body and you can look my previous post , where I tell you everything about reducing girdles to learn more.

There is a wide variety of girdles, but there are three basic types of girdles: waistband styles, vest styles, and shorts.

If you are going to use a waistband , do the following:

  • Start by closing the first clasp that is under the bust.
  • Place pin by pin until finished
  • Adjust your waist

If you are going to use a vest type girdle :

  • Place your arms first
  • Adjust the vest girdle
  • Start by closing the first clasp that is under the bust
  • Closes clasp by clasp
  • Arrange again and that's it!

If what you will use is a short type girdle :

  • Put your legs in first
  • Slide it up centering the seams
  • Place the strips on your arms
  • Start closing first with the clasp, then raise the zipper and so on alternating until everything is raised.
  • Ready!

Here I show you how to wear a short girdle:

How are maternity girdles used?

Colombian Maternal Girdles

Maternal girdles are recommended for the last period of our pregnancy, and help prevent poor posture that can occur due to weight gain, and generate stability. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor about the use of these girdles, so you can choose the most recommended one for you.

Maternal girdles consist of a girdle with elastic tape that adheres to the skin, which adjusts to the back and supports the hips. The belly is covered by a special fabric that includes reinforcements that adjust as our abdomen grows.

Look at her experience of a pregnant woman in it next video .

How are postpartum girdles used?

This type of girdle is ideal for when we are recovering from childbirth, since they help us control our abdomen, define our waist and collaborate with the recovery process, facilitating the movements and adaptation process of our body.

Postpartum girdles are designed in such a way that they do not affect the ability to breastfeed at all, and their compression helps reduce the inflammation of the abdominal area that occurs naturally after a natural birth or a cesarean section. One of the girdles that I recommend for after childbirth is the Mid-Leg Girdle Wide Strip Gold Line , or the Wide Strip Mid-Leg Girdle with Central Badge.

Whether you are a mother for the first time, or a mother of several children already (like me), we can all use a girdle that suits our needs. Remember that it is important to always consult with your family doctor before using a girdle, and choose the girdle and the size that best suits your body measurements.

Here I show you how I use a girdle after my three pregnancies: 

How are post surgical girdles used?

First of all, I tell you that we have a wide variety of girdles and accessories that we use after surgery, and the girdle you buy will depend on the type of surgery you have had and what you need to compress. Post surgical girdles are very good at maintaining concentrated pressure to flatten the operated area as best as possible, and to help you stay safe in your recovery process. They will help us reduce inflammation, fluid accumulation, discomfort, pain and support us in the process of returning our bodies to their normal shape.

Cris Angulo, a renowned Colombian model and one of our clients, used the chin rest during the recovery process from one of her surgeries, which helped her sleep better and calmer, in addition to keeping the recently operated area compressed and protected.

Watch Cris' testimony and his way of using the chin rest during his post-operative recovery.

The use of girdles after surgery depends on the type of girdle or accessory that we are going to use. These girdles come packaged in specially designed bags so that we can put them in the refrigerator, because this helps us in the process of reducing inflammation, and to feel relief during the first days after our operation.

How are girdles for men used?

In our men's line, we find 3 types of basic girdles: the Vest-type Body Shaper Girdle, the male Diving girdle and the Wasp Waistband. These girdles are placed and used in the same way as those of the women's line.

For the  male vest girdle :

  • You must place your arms first
  • Close the clasps one by one, from bottom to top

To place the Diving type belt :

  • Used without underwear
  • We introduce the legs first, and then the arms
  • Once placed, we begin to close the zipper from below: we fasten and close the zipper, like this until the entire belt is closed.

Here you can see an example of how to place male girdles:

Whatever type of girdle they use, placing and using them is a very easy process and allows us to have the desired figure in just a few minutes. I recommend that you watch the videos we have on our YouTube channel for a more visual guide, especially the one called “Instructions for using Girdles Shape Your Body” , and to practice putting on the girdles. It may be a little more difficult the first few times, but don't give up! You will see that over time and after a couple of times of wearing the girdle, it will become easier and easier to put them on.

Remember that with daily use of shapewear we can shape our body the way we want, allowing us to look incredible in any outfit you want to try!


Dew <3

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