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Article: What are the best types of girdles?

¿Cuáles son los mejores tipos de fajas?

What are the best types of girdles?

This is one of the questions I always get asked! For more than 13 years helping women look good, this question is always asked wherever I am. Today we will see some ways by which you can know which are the best girdles for you.

The best girdles are the ones you feel best in! That's why there are some things you should take into account such as: what type of body you have, if you are going to wear your girdle with any type of clothing in particular, if you are going to wear your girdles for any surgery or aesthetic treatment and if you feel comfortable with the girdles they offer you.

Let's see point by point.

What type of girdle should I use according to my body type?

What are the best shapewear according to your body?

As you can see in the image above, there are different body types and you should be aware of which one is yours, as this will help you choose the best girdle for you.

The most common body types are:

- Pear or Triangle type body.

- Apple type body or Oval silhouette

- Hourglass type body.

- Inverted Triangle type body.

- Rectangle body or column silhouette.

For Pear-type bodies, shapewear can help enhance the buttocks and define the shape of the waist.

For these body types I recommend the girdle reference O-010

the best colombian girdle

This reference is ideal thanks to its design with wide hips and adjustable waist with zipper or snaps.

For apple-type bodies or an oval silhouette, we recommend girdles that fit better in the abdomen, since generally women with this body shape want to reduce their waist and have a more curved shape.

To adjust the waist and shape it step by step I recommend the reference O - 061

Colombian Girdle Citurilla

This garment will help you make a constant and even fit throughout the abdominal area and thus make your silhouette look more stylized, even with tight or loose shirts.

For the hourglass body type, the best girdles are those that have a wide buttock area and a small waist, since this prevents the girdle from moving, lowering or rolling up because it is not adjusted properly.

At Fajas Forma Tu Cuerpo we have developed special girdles for this body type such as reference O 011 :

colombian girdles hourglass

This girdle allows all your attributes such as large buttocks, small waist, and defined hips to be much more noticeable. The special fabric that we have developed in the buttocks allows you a natural enhancement and everything is in its place.

The inverted triangle type body shapers are those that make your buttocks look much larger and that way you can balance the figure of your shoulders, it will make your waist look smaller and in general a more balanced silhouette.

That's why I recommend the Short O-070 , since it enhances your glutes dramatically and will help you balance your figure.

the best colombian girdles

And finally, for rectangular bodies, we recommend using girdles with central clasps so that you can adjust the waist area to your size and thus show off a slimmer figure.

Women with this body type worry that they look almost square and have a small waist. That is why a sash with central clasps like the reference O-061 that we saw previously can help you a lot.

The next point in choosing the perfect girdle is to know the type of clothing you are going to wear.

Here you must check that the color, type of fabric and type of clothing are appropriate for the girdle you are going to use.

Generally when I talk about this with my clients in stores, I invite them to go to the dressing room or changing table so that they can measure their shapewear themselves and then when they put on their clothes they can notice the change.

My main recommendation is that shapewear is like underwear, you have one for each day.

That's why I have a girdle for each type of clothing I'm going to wear. For example, if I am going to wear a short skirt, I prefer the Short, so that nothing is noticeable when I cross my legs, but if I am going to wear tight pants, I prefer to wear a knee-length sash that makes all my legs look very good. .

Now, depending on your skin color, you can choose the girdle that is least noticeable on your body and clothes. For example, if you are dark-skinned and you are going to wear a white shirt, a cocoa or black girdle may be ideal for you, but if your skin is light, maybe you prefer to wear a beige sash. All up to you!

Now, if you are going to use your girdles for any surgery or aesthetic treatment, the best girdle is the one that your doctor or health and beauty professional can recommend.

Each doctor has his or her own style and way of working, and can recommend different types of girdles depending on your type of surgery.

At Fajas Forma Tu Cuerpo we have been working alongside plastic surgeons for more than 13 years developing the best girdles for each type of surgery.

Although this blog is not specialized in girdles for surgeries, I want to tell you that we have 3 types of girdles in Shape Your Body, girdles for daily use and post surgery (2 Stage), First stage girdles and sports girdles (that use materials such as Latex and Neoprene).

The second stage or high compression are the most used throughout the world both for daily use and for surgeries since they shape the body wonderfully and are very comfortable.

First stage girdles, or trusses, are extra comfortable girdles with very soft fabrics that are used for the first days after your surgeries, that's why we call them first stage. They are so comfortable that you can even sleep in them!

Although it is difficult to explain all the things that can make a girdle the best for you, I have tried to explain some points that I consider important to make this choice clearer for you.

Remember that we have a team of girdle experts who can advise you on all your questions and doubts. Don't be afraid to write to us and tell us everything you think about the next girdles you want to buy, since we are women like you and little by little we have We have been discovering what works for us and what doesn't. We are ready to help you!

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