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Article: Short Colombian girdle, complete guide.

Short faja colombiana, guia completa.

Short Colombian girdle, complete guide.

Many of our fans have asked us about the Short Colombian Faja models that we have available. Here we will tell you everything you need to know to look beautiful with your short girdle.

Colombian shapewear shorts

These girdles are incredibly comfortable and are the closest thing to normal pantyhose, with the big difference that they help you shape your body, enhancing your butt and controlling the rolls in the abdomen, waist and also control the legs.

They are ideal to wear with all types of clothing, jeans, long and short skirts, party dresses, and in general with any garment in which you want to look natural and beautiful.

What is the advantage of short Colombian fajas compared to a "normal faja"?

The Short Faja are products that are designed by Colombian girdle experts Forma Tu Cuerpo, who select:

- The best Fabrics.

- The best combination of these fabrics.

- Extra comfortable designs.

- The most used colors that help you look thin.

- The most refined finishes.

Between many other things.

Now that you know the basics of the Short Colombian Faja, let's look at the details!

The Shape Your Body Fajas Shorts are made of materials such as Power Net, which shapes your body, Lycra, which gives softness to the entire interior, and selected lace for the edges. It should be noted that at FTC we use smart fabrics with seaweed microcapsules, vitamin E, Cosmacol and other properties of nature that help take care of your skin. We remind you that these properties are exclusive to our garments.

At Fajas Colombianas Forma Tu Cuerpo we have 2 types of Short Colombian Faja:

1. Short Colombian Girdle O 070 and O 071

Short-type Colombian girdles

Model O 070

This model, as you can see in the photograph, has a long-shot design, which makes it reach the navel or higher depending on your body type, which gives you great coverage in the abdominal area and waist.

It has double abdominal reinforcement and flexible and comfortable rods on the upper part to prevent it from lowering or rolling over your body.

Its special butt fabric doesn't crush your butt, but instead lifts it and puts it in place. It is even used by thousands of plastic surgeons around the world to complement the results and improve the shape of their patients' buttocks.

Short Colombian Girdle Shape Your Body Sun and Moon

Model O 071

These models come in Beige and Black, which adapt to all skin types and have a zipper with internal snaps, for greater abdominal control and ease of putting on and taking off.

Now we want to tell you some of the uses that you can try with your short Colombian fajas.

Postoperative Use

This type of Shapewear is recommended by beauty experts such as Plastic Surgeons to improve the results of surgeries or procedures such as:

- BBL (Brazilian ButtLifter)

- Lipotransfer

- Fat injections to increase buttocks

When you do this type of treatment you can improve the shape of your buttocks since your skin is like plasticine and will mold depending on what you wear.

That is why we highly recommend using the original Colombian Shape Your Body girdles, which you can recognize by the logos inside and external biases.

Daily use

It is the most common use, so that at your home, at work or the office, or. wherever you are, continue shaping your figure.

As we said at the beginning, with these Shorts you can wear all types of clothing, whether casual, formal, party or simply walking around with them at home when you are resting.

For parties and important meetings.

There are times when we want to look simply spectacular. In our shapewear stores in Houston and Miami we receive thousands of clients who come for their Colombian shapewear for a special occasion, and these shapewear are perfect since they are discreet, they are not noticeable under clothing and can make you look slimmer and curvier.

We hope that this information helps you make an intelligent purchasing decision and remember that we have expert advisors to help you choose your ideal size and Colombian girdle.

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